Keeping a Forklift’s Center of Gravity Within the Stability Triangle

Any discussion of the basics of forklift trucks would be incomplete without a discussion of the center of gravity and the stability triangle. One of the hardest things for lift truck operators to learn during training is how to maintain their forklift’s center of gravity within their stability triangle. A forklift has a three-point suspension system. […]


Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Lifts Growth Projections

Tags: Warehousing, Materials Handling, Logistics, Technology The growing presence of start-up companies offering robotic solutions for warehouse automation, the increasing popularity of automated material handling (AMH) equipment among leading industries, significant recovery in global manufacturing, and rising labor cost and safety concerns are among the key factors driving the growth of the AMH market, according […]


Materials Handling Equipment Kicks Into High Gear

From narrow aisle configurations to self-guided robotic vehicles, innovation in today’s materials handling equipment is on the fast track. New technology promoting efficiency, throughput, accuracy, and safety abounds inside the four walls of today’s distribution centers. Innovations in materials handling (MH) products are transforming the supply chain. Three decades ago, materials handling equipment was limited […]