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Tow tractors are broadly classified according to their method of propulsion; either an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.

Electric Tow Tractor:

Electric Tow Tractors are propelled by a DC traction motor supplied with electricity from rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, they typically have a top speed below 20 mph and their tow capacity mostly ranges from 175lbs to 2000lbs. There are three types of electric tow tractors: the walkie, the walkie rider, and the sit-down rider.


A walkie requires the operator to walk alongside or in front of the tractor as it moves. The operator controls the vehicle with handlebars which extend in-front or to the side of the tractor.

Walkie Rider:

A walkie rider is very similar to a walkie, except that it includes a platform for the operator to stand. Walkie riders are more powerful than walkies. They are capable of higher top speeds, greater load capacity, and can travel longer distances.

Sit-Down Rider:

A sit-down rider allows the operator to sit-down while driving. These units are larger and more powerful than Walkies or Walkie Riders; allowing for greater top speeds and towing capacities, but even more limited turning radiuses and gradient climbing abilities.

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