Leading Material Handling Equipment Provider in Europe

Who Are We

AASupplies is a Forklifts Premium Material Handling Equipment Industrial Generators dealer. They provide companies with complete, all-in-one solutions tailored to meet various logistical & equipment specifications across many industrial sectors.

Located in Vienna, Austria, AASupplies focuses on servicing purchasing professionals within Europe and the Middle East­. We are capitalizing on the strong relationships we have cultivated in our network of Europe’s top international suppliers & manufacturers. We Ship the most competitive New and Used Forklifts to Egypt and the Middle East as well as to other destinations upon Request.

Unlike other Suppliers, AASupplies only sells Good to Excellent shape Forklifts, Diesel Generators and Material Handling Equipment that are guaranteed to boost your business’s efficiency.

Heavy Lifter Forklifts

What We Do

From warehouse processing to storage, distribution & shipping, we help businesses acquire the best Used and New Premium Material Handling Equipment, Forklifts, Diesel Generators and Trucks on the market, at the most cost-effective prices.

Having built such long-term strategic partnerships with the best European Suppliers & Manufacturers of Forklifts and Material Handling Equipment, AASupplies guarantees consistent delivery of first-class quality, fully-refurbished equipment, as per our clients specs & conditions.

Furthermore, we have access to large stocks of spare-parts and accessories that will guarantee keeping your business uninterrupted.

Our clients choose us because they know they can rely on us to deliver.

Why AASupplies - Best Material Handling Equipment provider

At AASupplies, we know that you expect your equipment delivered as advertised, on time, every time.

In addition to warehouse equipment sales and logistical services, we have access to one of the largest spare parts inventories in Europe.

Our diverse, multilingual team takes pride in the fact that we have cultivated strong professional networks across the globe. Outside of Europe, we have built connections within Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.

Our primary business interest is to help our clients meet their objectives. We acquire, filter, process & negotiate the best deals, calling upon our long-term strategic partnerships with top European manufacturers and wholesalers of forklifts and material handling equipment to keep your costs low.

Our Story

Formed in Vienna, Austria, AASupplies began operations sourcing high end used forklifts from wholesalers throughout Europe, then selling them to local clients at the lowest possible price. Our ability to secure the best deals on used forklifts in Europe helped us expand the scope of our operation and grow into a truly international business.

Today, we maintain strong connections to our network of premium European warehouse equipment wholesalers, while facilitating the sale, transport and delivery of premium quality used material handling equipment and electrical generators to international and continental clients alike.

From warehouse processing to storage, distribution & shipping, we help businesses acquire the best new and used forklifts, material handling equipment, diesel generators and trucks on the market, all at the most cost-effective prices.
Our access to global suppliers helps us provide information on the newest product innovations and market trends.

In addition to being a premium source of cost-effective warehousing equipment, we provide comprehensive logistical services to our rapidly expanding global client base, with a particular emphasis on the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.

If you are looking for the most efficient, cost-effective way to ship a forklift from Europe to Egypt (or anywhere else, for that matter) AASupplies has got you covered.
We sell both new and used material handling equipment, and can confidently guarantee that all of our forklifts, lift trucks and diesel generators will be in good to excellent quality and priced as low as possible to provide optimal benefit to your business’s bottom line.
Regardless of particulars, we always provide the highest quality possible at the lowest prices imaginable. That’s an AA assurance.