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Hand pallet range 2000kg to 3000kg with and without Weighing UNIT

Hand pallet Truck or pallet jack is a hand-powered jack. Most commonly seen in retail and personal warehousing operations. They are used predominantly for lifting, lowering and steering pallets from one place to another.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of Hand Pallet models and dimensions to suit your pallet size requirements best.

GS25 Standard Model

Entry level model to the hand pallets range. The GS25 has a capacity of 2500 kg and is available in various forks dimensions. As a result, allowing handling the most common pallets, including Euro pallets. Equipped with the new cast iron hydraulic unit and integrated oil tank and chromed piston. The ergonomic tiller has an extremily practical and maintenance-free fixing system with standard polyurethane wheels.

GS EVO Professional Hand Pallets

In addition, the EVO hand Pallet model is designed with an ergonomic 3D tiller that assures the handling of heavier loads. Moreover, the hydraulic unit includes a sensitive and safe forks control system. While the forks are equipped with the entry/exit rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet. The load rollers, like the directional wheels, are in non-marking polyurethane for safe and silent operations.


A complete range of extremely tough and resistant hand pallet truck for heavy duty applications, with lifting capacity up to 3.000 kg.

GS EVO Special

The GS EVO Special hand pallet range comes in a variety of widths and fork dimensions, suitable for handling different sizes of pallets. Most importantly, these trucks are available with a number of accessories including rubber steering wheels and manual control brake. The version low profile, with its lowered height, is suitable for flat pallets with a low entry height.

GS EVO Silence

The GS EVO Silenced hand pallets have been designed to strongly reduce the noise emission even in most challenging working condition: rough and tiled surfaces. Hence, is an ideal machine for the usage on residential areas deliveries and in supermarket stores.

Scale Hand Pallets

Lifter by Pramac’s scale hand pallets are equipped with a fully functional and accurate weighing device with several operating options. Precisely suitable for lifting heavy loads.

PX 20/25

The PX20 and PX25 hand pallets are robust and accurate hand pallets to be used for weighing of transported loads. The basic model PX20 is designed for loads up to 2000 kg. Meanwhile, the more accurate and professional PX25 features 2500 kg load capacity and a larger display allowing easy reading of the load weight.


Finally, The GS/P25 hand pallet has a high load capacity of 2500kg and a wide range of built in functions. Such as, the items counter and the load totalisation indicator. It may also be supplied with thermal printer or USB.

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